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Cimarron Underground Services, LLC. was originally founded in 1977 as A&L Underground, Inc. The Company began with the purchase of a single ditching machine and focused on construction of gas distribution projects in a three-state region that consisted of Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. As the Company's service area expanded in the 1980's into the South, Southeast and Rocky Mountain regions of the United States, the Company continued to develop new technologies and combined that with growing capability. 

Out of the gas distribution projects developed a demand for growth into the municipal utilities and telecommunications markets. Upon the development and manufacturing of mid-range horizontal directional drilling rigs in the mid 1980's, the Company quickly established a new division dedicated to Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). During the same period another division began to emerge dedicated to the ever-expanding gas and liquids transmission pipeline market. A Pipeline Division evolved into a dedicated department dealing with various diameters of steel pipeline projects throughout Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. We are extensively working in the southeast with our partners to install updated underground utilities for our customers!

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Cimarron Underground Services, LLC