Underground Utility and Pipeline Services

Gas Distribution

Division has over 15 years of experience in underground infrastructure and has been instrumental in replacing natural gas pipelines in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.


  • Pipeline Installation, including large & small diameter polyethylene pipe installation
  • Trenching, Excavating, Concrete & other Civil Work
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Hydrocarbon Facility Industrial Construction, Deconstruction, Moving & Reassembly Emergency Response Construction Services

Division Overview

  • Cimarron provides underground construction services in Louisiana, including Baton Rouge, New Orleans and the surrounding areas, installing over 150 miles of gas distribution lines.
  • The Company's primary focus has been natural gas pipeline replacement as part of infrastructure rebuild programs in New Orleans and Baton Rouge;
  • Natural gas pipeline installation is also performed for new residential and commercial developments.
  • Emergency response services include cleanup as a result hurricanes and other natural disasters, as the Company utilizes equipment and construction experience to complete various projects.
  • Industrial construction services are a new service provided by Cimarron and includes the fabrication, repair and dismantling of hydrocarbon facilities including offshore facilities.

Oil & Gas Construction

Construction Cimarron's strong reputation for quality is built upon excellence in welding and fabrication.

  • Cimarron provides complete construction of tank batteries, including dirt work, fabrication, installation, I&E and commissioning.
  • Construction labor includes welders, fitters, certified riggers, helpers, equipment operators, safety technicians, and project managers.

  • Cimarron runs all pipe from rigs to batteries, separators, compressor stations and wells.
  • Installation consists of civil and site prep work, and remaining welding or fabrication necessary for proper tie-in.

  • The Company provides complete construction of compressor stations, including civil work, fabrication, installation, pipe coating, I&E and commissioning.
  • Vessels and compressors separate gas, oil and water from the resource brought out of the ground.
  • Generally used for simple construction and field maintenance.
  • Cimarron crews consist of 1 Lead, 2 laborers and a roustabout truck
  • The needs of the tank battery will change over the life of the well, in order to maintain satisfactory flow and pressures.
  • Cimarron provides experienced and professional field pumpers
  • Each crew comes with a truck and all applicable tools.

  • Cimarron installs power poles and manufactures electric panels.
  • Complete hook up of tank batteries, generators, pumps and compressor stations.


  • Roustabout Crews- Roustabout crews consist of 1 lead, 2 laborers and a roustabout truck. Generally used for simple construction and field maintenance
  • Operators and Pumpers- Experienced and professional field pumpers provided. Each crew comes with a truck and all applicable tools

Instrumentation & Electrical

  • We install power poles, manufacture electric panels, complete hook up of tank batteries, generators, pumps and compressor stations

Civil Dirt Work

  • Includes building pads for drilling rigs, tank batteries, compressor stations, building and maintaining lease roads


  • Provide labor to include, but not limited to, planners, coordinators, safety techs, boiler makers, fitters, welders, supervision and painters. We have the ability to pre-fabricate and truck, modules, piping and structural pre-fabricated pieces